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Core features
Glide solutions consultant
Phone numbers included
$5 month each
$5 month each
$5 month each
Additional phone numbers
Port phone numbers from other carriers
Calling & messaging
Projects user
Personalized onboarding
Advanced audience segmentation
Custom terms of service
Ongoing strategy calls
Resources features
Function runs included
Max 10 users
Glide advanced API
Custom Function Runs
Personalized onboarding
Product support
Solutions engineer support
Multiple users per team
Dedicated account manager
Advanced support scope
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our help center.
Does Assistful offer a free trial?
Yes. We offer a 14 day free trial of our Professional plan.
If you would like to see a demo, please reach out to our sales team here.
Can I have multiple assistants?
Yes. For example, you can set up one assistant with a 3 day follow up time, and another with a 6 day follow up time.
Can I see the follow ups I have scheduled?
Yes, you can view and filter all your queued follow ups from your dashboard.
Can I see the follow up message before it’s sent?
Yes, you can preview every follow up from the email pop up or from your dashboard.

At the beginning of each day Assistful will send you a list of all your follow ups scheduled for that day. Modify or cancel any of these follow ups directly from your dashboard.
Can I cancel a follow up?
Yes you can cancel a follow up anytime before the message is sent.
What happens if someone follows up out of thread?
Our AI response analysis technology will detect and notify you of any replies, calendar invites, or meetings from a person you have a follow up scheduled with and ask if you’d like to cancel a scheduled follow up.

However, all queued follow ups will automatically send at the scheduled time unless an in-thread response is detected or if the follow up is manually cancelled or rescheduled.
What happens if someone replies to your assistant only?
Mistakes happen. People forget to hit reply-all. Our unique email thread identification and routing software ensures that any response to an assistant will be directly re-routed to the main company representative in thread.
What happens if someone emails your assistant out of thread?
In this uncommon case, all direct emails will be forwarded to the manager of the assistant. You select and assign manager permissions to a user from the dashboard.

You can also set up a generic auto-response email to encourage the sender to reply to your representative directly. (i.e an automated ‘out-of-office’ email for your assistant that asks the sender to directly email the manager). Recommended templates can be found in the dashboard during set up.
What happens if there are multiple people on an email chain?
If anyone in a given email chain replies, your assistant’s follow up will be automatically cancelled.
What happens if a customer calls me and then I want to cancel a follow up?
Need to cancel a queued follow up but didn’t get a reply from a customer? Not a problem. You can cancel a follow up from the pop up in your email client or from the Assistful dashboard.
Can I view a queue of the follow ups before they send out?
Yes, you can view a queue of all the follow ups from your Assistful dashboard. Filter, sort, modify, or delete any follow up before it’s sent.

At the beginning of each day Assistful will send you a list of all your follow ups scheduled for that day. Modify or cancel any of these follow ups directly from your dashboard.
Can I modify a follow up once it’s been scheduled?
Yes, you can modify the date a follow up is scheduled to be sent via the Assistful dashboard or via the pop up that shows your daily scheduled follow ups.
Can my assistant send me a reminder instead of following up for me?
Yes, you can set up an assistant to only follow up with you. Toggle the ‘reply-to-me only’ switch in the dashboard to have your assistant reply to you in-chain instead of the customer.

Their reply will ONLY be sent to you and will bring the email chain to the top of your inbox. This reply serves as a self-reminder and will not be visible to anyone else copied on the chain.
Will my data be private and safe?
As a security-first company, data and privacy protection are our # 1 priority. We keep your data secure with enterprise-grade admin management, security integrations, data governance, compliance audits, and privacy protections.
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