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AI follow ups that close more deals

Create your personal AI assistant that follows up at the right time, every time.
The problem

81% of reps say they are ineffective at following up

And 43% of sales reps said they’d be more likely to win a deal if they followed up more effectively (source).
The solution

Create an AI assistant that follows up for you

Automate email follow ups to keep things moving without having to remember everything.
5x more consistent than a sales team
10x cheaper than the average sales assistant
Set up in 2 minutes. No training needed.
Its simple

Just cc: your AI assistant.
They'll follow up fo you.

Name your assistant
Name your assistant and create them an email. We recommend using a company email like
Set your follow up window
Set follow up windows that work best for your business. Your assistant will follow up at the most optimal time of day.

Create your assistant in 2 minutes

Manage users, assistants, and follow ups from one platform.

Write your follow ups or use AI

Create a generic follow up template or let AI write a context based reply. You can view each message before send.
Create My Assistant

Set your follow up window

Choose when your assistant will follow up from Assistful's dashboard. We recommend 2-5 business days.
Create My Assistant

View follow ups before they send

View your scheduled follow ups for the day from inside your email client or the dashboard. Edit or cancel if needed.
Create My Assistant

Modify or cancel a follow up

Cancel or modify any follow up from the dashboard or in-email pop up that shows your daily scheduled follow ups.
Create My Assistant
Close More Deals

Put following up on autopilot

Easy to manage
Manage billing, AI assistants, and users from one dashboard. Upgrade, add, or delete users & assistants.
Works in every tech stack
Built to be used alongside the existing tools you love. No need to make compromises.
Intuitive reporting
Analyze follow up performance to determine the messaging and timing that works best for your business.

Scale with security and oversight

Centralized billing
All coworkers can use Assistful – bring them all together in one secure, managed account.
Secure access and usage
Single-sign-on, SCIM, and more make it easy to onboard/offboard users, monitor messages, & more.
Standardize how your team uses Assistful
Manage the way your team writes follow ups and when they send them to adhere to your standards.

Nothing to install. Works on every device.

It's "just" an email address. Simply sign up, create your email assistant, and Cc: away.

Hear it from our customers

860% ROI
“Over the last 9 months, not only have we seen an increase in deal closures, we've saved our PMs and SDR support teams hundreds of hours and cut down our time to close.
Rishi Deleon
VP, Strategic Partnerships at ServiceNow
40+ deals recovered
“After implementing Assistful with our sales team, we've seen a 35% increase in replies after sending proposals and recovered over 40 deals with Assistful's follow ups.
Josef Baird
Sales Enablement Manager at Compass
+15% increase
“In Q2 2023, after three months of implementation, we've seen a 1.15x increate in closed deal volume compared to the previous year quarter. Our deal close rate has directly been improved by Assistful.”
Michelle Alvarez
SVP Growth at Better Health
-25% time to close
“Our team sends out dozens of quotes each week and used to spend hours each month sending follow ups. Assistful helps make sure deals stay on track & let's our SDRs focus on sales instead of follow ups.
Gwen Burgess
Director of Sales at EnerTech
100% adoption rate
“Employee training and adoption is typically the most difficult part of any enterprise software deployment. We achieved a near 100% adoption rate in 1 week after implementation.
Mason reEVES
CTO at ADM Manufacturing

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our help center.
Can I have multiple assistants?
Yes. For example, you can set up one assistant with a 3 day follow up time, and another with a 6 day follow up time.
Can I see the follow ups I have scheduled?
Yes, you can view and filter all your queued follow ups from your dashboard. In addition, at the beginning of each day Assistful will send you a list of all your follow ups scheduled for that day.
Can I edit the follow up message before it’s sent?
Yes, you can preview every follow up from the email pop up or from your dashboard.

At the beginning of each day Assistful will send you a list of all your follow ups scheduled for that day. Modify or cancel any of these follow ups directly from the pop up list or from your dashboard.
Can I cancel a follow up?
Yes you can cancel a follow up anytime before the message is sent.
Can my assistant send me a reminder instead of following up for me?
Yes, you can set up an assistant to only follow up with you. Toggle the ‘reply-to-me only’ switch in the dashboard to have your assistant reply to you in-chain instead of the customer.

Their reply will ONLY be sent to you and will bring the email chain to the top of your inbox. This reply serves as a self-reminder and will not be visible to anyone else copied on the chain.
How does Patter actually work?
Find detailed explanations and answers to functionality questions in our technical FAQ here.

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