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A few years ago, we noticed an unsolved problem facing businesses: No one could adequately follow-up with all of their leads and even when they tried, they never sent enough.

Leads went cold, sales opportunities were missed and millions of dollars were wasted on lead generation. Businesses couldn't afford to hire more sales people. They needed a simple solution that empowered their existing team.

So we took advantage of one of the most innovate technologies today, artificial intelligence, to build Assistful, a powerful yet simple solution for engaging, conversing, following-up, and scheduling meetings with leads at scale.
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A talented, globally distributed team that believes in the transformative power of artificial intelligence
Thomas Rich
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Ferriera
Co-Founder & CTO
Justin Lyle
VP of Partnerships
Dani Deyer
Sam Hofer
Chris Follet
Sales Director
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